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warranty and security

Maktour warranties the security of your online shops.  

Security is Maktour's maximum priority. In order to assure your personal information, our systems are equipped with many security precautions throughout the process of reservation, and following of your transaction. Our systems are protected by firewalls that works as shields for our networks of computers. Inside such systems, confidential information are encrypted to protect your personal data, as credit card number.
The Maktour's security team is monitoring continually our systems 24 hours per day. In addition, our servers are located on security installations with access restricted controls. 

Our Security
In case an unlikely event of inappropriate use on your credit card occurs, follow the procedures defined by your credit card company and contact us promptly. The mostly credit card companies charge duties resulting of unauthorized use of your credit card or may limit  your responsibility to a determined amount. For obtain further information contact Consumer Protection Service.

Our server encrypts all your personal information, including information of your credit card. The encryption process takes the introduced information and converts it to code bits which are securely transferred through internet.
Once your encrypted personal information is received by our server, everything is decoded turning back to its original form and stored in our offline database. Your credit card information is not transmitted by internet again. 

Credit Card Security Support
If you feel more comfortable providing your credit card number by phone, you may contact our customer service and provide your credit card information (consult our contact link).

Warranty and security in all of your transactions, in Maktour you can trust.

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